Let’s Debunk Five Common Myths About Diesel Engines

Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair services and maintains diesel engines of all types. We work on everything from light-duty trucks to big rigs. We come across a lot of myths about diesel engines, so we want to take a moment to debunk the five common myths we hear the most. The bottom line is that these engines are not deserving of their bad rap. Here’s why.

Diesel Engines Are Dirty

We can understand why people think that diesel engines are dirty. The engines of old used to spew black exhaust into the air proudly. This is not the case anymore. The Environmental Protection Agency has established emissions requirements that these engines must abide by as much as gasoline engines do. Today’s diesel engine is so clean, it does not pollute the air any more than a gasoline engine does.

Diesels Are Hard to Start in the Winter

It can get pretty cold here in Eugene, Oregon in the winter. Many people think that diesels are harder to start in cold weather than gasoline engines are, but newer engines start just fine when the mercury drops. Engine glow plugs are warmed up by the vehicle’s battery to keep the fuel warm when you start the engine on a cold morning. This helps to prevent hard starting when it’s cold outside.

Diesels Don’t Offer High Engine Performance

This myth is way off base. Many people find that their diesel engines perform better than their gasoline engines do with the added benefit that diesel fuel offers more power per gallon. The reason why large trucks have diesel engines is because of the engine’s ability to perform while hauling significant weight. Diesel engines generate more torque, which means they generate more power than gasoline engines.

Diesel Fuel Is Hard to Find

Diesel fuel used to be hard to find, but it isn’t anymore. With newer engines offering gas mileage comparative to hybrid vehicles, many people are jumping on the diesel bandwagon. As such, demand for diesel fuel has increased, and many standard gasoline stations offer diesel fuel at their pumps. The myth that diesel fuel is more expensive also falls flat these days. In many cases, diesel fuel is less expensive or equivalent to the cost of gasoline throughout the country. Add to that the better gas mileage diesel fuel offers, and you likely won’t spend more money to drive a diesel.

Bring your diesel into Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair in Eugene, OR, for all of your service and repair needs. We are diesel experts that work on all types of diesel vehicles.

Photo by sommaiphoto from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro