Diesel Services

Step aside, environmentalists! Okay, not really, but where would the world be without diesel engines? People wouldn’t have the things they buy without truckers, and diesel engines have the power haulers need to transport heavy-duty loads. They are also fuel efficient and extend engine life, which reduces the transportation costs passed on to customers. And when you need the best diesel service Eugene has to offer, you need Midlane Truck & Trailer repair. Our diesel experts specialize in everything from diesel cars to semi-trucks.

Quality Diesel Service Eugene, OR

That said, your diesel engine has to run efficiently to keep environmental watchdogs off your back, and if you manage a fleet, you know what a hassle emissions standards are. Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair has experienced technicians in Eugene, OR, to service your engine. Diesel isn’t a sideline moneymaker to us. It’s what we do.

Oil Changes

Don’t put oil changes off. If you can’t rely on your truck or fleet, you can’t guarantee your transportation services. Breakdowns and inefficiency cost money, so why risk it. Engine oil keeps crucial engine components lubricated. If they aren’t lubricated or dirty engine oil clogs your engine, you lose fuel efficiency and risk overheating, part failure or worse.

Besides, you can extend the life of your diesel engine a half-million miles or more if you take care of it, so don’t mess around. Talk with our experts. They’ll come up with a maintenance plan, including oil changes, based on your rig, how much you haul, how often you haul, and how you drive. Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone how fast you hit the road on a haul.

Transmission Repair and Service

Transmission troubles range from nuisances to an immovable rig, and you can’t afford to sit. Our tranny experts will inspect your transmission on a scheduled basis to look for impending doom. We’ll change the fluids, replace failing parts, and even overhaul the whole thing if we need to. There’s isn’t much we can’t do with a diesel transmission, so bring yours in.

Brake Service

Don’t think about what might happen if you can’t stop your rig. If you don’t have access to a runaway truck ramp, the consequences could be deadly. If somebody cuts you off, the consequences could be deadly. It’d be nice if you could stop on a dime like every other driver thinks you can, but you can’t.

Mechanic Near Me

Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair has expert brake technicians ready to help truckers in or just passing through Eugene, OR. We will inspect your brake system and make any necessary repairs. We will also maintain your system and provide safety checks when you need them. Don’t sit on your semi’s maintenance. Stop by today.


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