Auto Repair

midlane auto repairYes, our name is Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair and we service the Eugene, OR, area, but don’t be fooled. We maintain and repair automobiles, too. In fact, our expert mechanics have decades of automotive experience, so we can handle whatever the issue and whatever the car, light-duty truck, or SUV. Yes, we’re that confident that we offer the best auto repair in Eugene, OR, and we’ll make you confident, too.

Service for All Makes and Models

When you combine decades of automotive experience, you get expert technicians who have worked with every vehicle make and model out there. We work on all domestic and foreign vehicles, and we aren’t afraid to tackle any mechanical issue. Hey, when you work with semis and their trailers, you’ve seen it all! We have what it takes to maintain or repair your vehicle right the first time.

Oil Changes

You need your oil changed per the auto manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Today’s efficient engines can wait every 7,500 miles, with some makes and models boasting longer durations, but older engines cannot. Let our experts determine the best schedule for your car, truck, or SUV and bring it when you’re supposed to. No excuses! Dirty oil can clog or damage your engine.

Transmission Maintenance and Repair

People don’t think about their transmission until it’s too late. Don’t make this mistake. Your transmission requires scheduled maintenance, too, so bring it in for regular inspections. We’ll change the fluids and check the working parts. If something needs replacing, we’ll do so to avoid a costly overhaul. If it is too late and you do need an overhaul or rebuild, we can handle it. We rebuild transmissions all the time.

Brake Checks, Diagnostics, and Repairs

Movies and TV make high-speed chases look exciting, especially with the squealing brake sound effects. An accident caused by failed brakes isn’t as glamorous. We can inspect your brake system and make certain you’re safe on the road. We work with all types, including standard and anti-lock systems, and, again, when you maintain and repair big rigs, you definitely know a thing or two about automotive brake systems.

Mechanic Near Me

Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair has expert technicians, advanced diagnostic, and state-of-the-art repair equipment to keep your vehicle road-ready and safe. We don’t care how fast you drive it. We don’t care if you drive a domestic or foreign car, truck, or SUV. Stop by our Eugene auto repair shop today and let us inspect, maintain and repair your vehicle.


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