Powerstroke Diesel Engine

powerstroke diesel engine

Remember the first time you stepped into your truck and felt the power of your Ford Powerstroke engine. It was an experience that you knew you would cherish for a lifetime. The horsepower, the improved mileage, and the overall feeling it gave you every time you turned the key. It still gives you that same feeling, however, it’s just not quite performing like it used to. Diesel engines also need routine maintenance and repair to keep them running like new. That’s why we offer Ford Powerstroke repair and performance services. The Ford Powerstroke repair services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Head gasket replacements
  • Head stud installations
  • Stock repairs
  • Wild upgrades
  • Dyno services– In house
  • Overhauls and upgrades for your transmission
  • Replacement of your engine
  • Replacement of fuel injectors
  • Upgrades to your exhaust system
  • Upgrades and turbo replacements
  • Tuners and programmers
  • Custom tuners

Not all repair shops are alike. When you have a unique engine like a Powerstroke, you shouldn’t choose a shop based on how much they are going to charge you to fix your engine. You should choose the facility that has ASE certified technicians that are specifically trained on how to handle all types of Powerstroke engine issues. Luckily for you, at Mid Lane Truck Repair, our technicians are ASE certified and they will perform Ford Powerstroke diesel engine repair without breaking the bank.

Powerstroke Repair Has Many Benefits

Whether you want to improve gas mileage, increase performance or simply need routine maintenance, you can feel at ease knowing you have skilled and experienced technicians who have years of combined experience making ford Powerstroke engines perform like new again. Our technicians are specially trained to diagnose, fix and repair almost any issue that you have with your Ford Powerstroke engine.

At Mid Lane Truck Repair, we take pride in being one of the most reliable and affordable Ford Powerstroke repair shops in Texas. While diesel repair is our specialty, we also handle a wide array of other automotive repair and diesel repair services. Our technicians are also trained to perform the following:

  • General diesel repairs
  • Regular auto repairs
  • A/C work on school buses and traditional vehicles
  • Farm equipment repairs (we will come to you!)

We also specialize in diesel repair and upgrades for Dodge Cummins Ram and Chevy Duramax diesel. At Mid Lane Truck Repair, we understand how important it is for you to be on the road and have a mean sounding engine. That’s why our technicians use factory authorized parts to ensure that your truck is getting the same kind of pull and power it used to when you originally purchased it. Our technicians are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Whether you need more information about Ford Powerstroke diesel repair or you need help understanding repairs on a traditional vehicle, you can feel at ease knowing our technicians are trained and certified and can provide you with answers to your most pressing questions.

Contact our diesel repairs specialists and have your truck running like new!

Your Powerstroke diesel engine was meant to have great horsepower, great gas mileage, and overall great performance. Don’t avoid having your truck’s performance repaired and /or upgraded. Whether you need Powerstroke repairs, routine maintenance, or an upgrade, you can rest assured that our high quality, friendly and professional technicians can take care of all your engine repairs and upgrade needs.


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