You Can Cook Thanksgiving Dinner in Your RV! Here’s How!

Many people believe that Thanksgiving dinner and an RV do not get along, and we won’t lie to you, it is harder to cook Thanksgiving dinner in your RV. It can be done, however, and you’d be surprised how much fun it is to have Thanksgiving while camping at your favorite spot. Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair can get your RV ready for the camping trip. Here’s how you can get the meal ready.

How to Prep a Thanksgiving Meal in an RV

Consider your space and appliance limitations first and also take into account the maximum voltage your RV can take. This will help you decide what to cook in the RV, pre-cook before you leave, and buy. For example, you may want to cook all of your side dishes before you leave for your trip and then heat them up on Thanksgiving day. You can also bake the pies in advance. With respect to the turkey:

  • Buy a smaller turkey that will fit in your RV’s oven or buy two small ones and cook one at a time
  • Deep fry the turkey using a turkey frying kit if that is okay to do per the campground rules
  • Grill the turkey by cutting it up into pieces and marinating it prior to slapping it on the grill
  • Buy a pre-cooked turkey from the store and heat it up in the microwave or RV’s oven
  • Slowly cook the turkey in a Dutch oven on the campfire or in a slow cooker

You can also use slow cookers, camping stoves, and the RV’s microwave to cook your side dishes. The best way to make this work in your limited kitchen space is to think ahead. If you’re going to deep fry the turkey, you can use the oven for the sides, etc. You can also set up your feast buffet-style on the RV’s countertop to save space on the table to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal.

Before Your Trip

Don’t get wrapped up in your Thanksgiving preparations and forget about your RV before your trip. Have the RV inspected and serviced so you don’t have to worry about anything other than Thanksgiving. Now is the time to have any maintenance work done, as well as to get a vehicle inspection to ensure you won’t run into trouble, such as a dead battery, blown tire, or other roadside concern.

You can bring your RV into Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair in Eugene, OR, to get it ready for your Thanksgiving holiday trip.

Photo by Nimis69 from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro