Fleet Maintenance And Your Bottom Line

Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair appreciates the stress fleet managers are under. You’re expected to keep your fleet of vehicles running and profitable for next to nothing. Your boss is constantly looking at your bottom line and you feel pressured to meet unrealistic numbers. Fleet preventative maintenance might seem costly at first, and you may be tempted to cut corners to keep your numbers well in the black. In the end, however, preventative maintenance saves you money, which is why we’d like to talk about fleet maintenance and it can help – not hinder – your bottom line.

Avoids Expensive Repairs

Let’s start with something really simple: oil changes. Let’s assume that you’ve decided to skip fleet oil changes for a couple of months because you need to save some money. It won’t hurt, will it? It could. Something as simple as motor oil can seriously damage a vehicle’s engine, leaving you with the realization that what would’ve cost $50 is now going to cost $500.

It might sound as if we’re exaggerating but we aren’t. Vehicle maintenance helps you avoid expensive repairs because it allows automotive technicians to catch issues before they become problems. In the case of oil changes, the technician replaces old and dirty motor oil with new oil that performs its job better, ensuring crucial engine parts remain lubricated and aren’t damaged.

Avoids Lag Time

What about lag time during the expensive repairs? Imagine one of your fleet vehicles is inoperable for just one day. Calculate how much money that vehicle brings in each day. Then, calculate how much money that vehicle brings in during the week. You lose more money when a vehicle goes down for repairs than you do when you maintain it. It’s simple math.

Avoids Dangerous Situations

What if a fleet vehicle caused an automobile accident because its brake system failed due to poor maintenance and you were sued by the passenger and the other parties involved in the accident? Could you come out from underneath that? Fleet maintenance keeps vehicles on the road safe and operating as they should, which reduces downtime and potential liability.

Bottom line? Fleet preventative maintenance costs less than vehicle repairs, vehicle downtime, and accident liability, which means your bottom line is much better with it than without it. Call Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair in Eugene, OR, to discuss our fleet maintenance services.


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