Five Reasons Why Your Big Rig Is Overheating

Trying to get through your route with an overheating big rig is one of the most frustrating things you can face as a truck driver. Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair can get to the bottom of the hot engine, fix it, and get you back on the road with the peace of mind that your big rig’s temperature is stable once again. Here are five reasons why your big rig is overheating.

1. Head Gasket

Your truck’s engine temperature may suddenly get too hot and you may see steam coming out from underneath the hood. This is usually a sign that you’ve blown the head gasket and coolant is leaking all over the engine. Pull over to safety and wait for the engine to cool before you raise the hood. You might be able to see the leak or, at a minimum, coolant bubbling around the head gasket.

2. Thermostat Failure

If the head gasket looks okay, it could be that your thermostat has gone bad. This cooling system part opens and closes to release engine coolant throughout the engine when it needs it. If it doesn’t open because it has malfunctioned, or if it is stuck in the closed position, you will not have coolant flowing through your semi-truck’s engine and, as a consequence, the engine will overheat.

3. Water Pump Failure

After the thermostat releases the coolant, the water pump pushes it through the engine so that it draws heat away from every nook and cranny. If you hear unusual whining coming from the front of your engine, it could be that your water pump is failing. You may also notice leaks coming from the front, center portion of your engine, which is a sign that you have a leaking water pump.

4. Radiator Cap Failure

The radiator cap is more important than you might realize. If it is no longer creating a proper seal, it will not release the cooling system pressure effectively. In fact, if your radiator cap is defective, you could burst a radiator hose or end up with a radiator seam leak. Replacing the radiator cap usually solves the problem, so check to see how much of a seal your radiator cap is creating.

5. Leaking Coolant

Finally, if you have coolant leaking out of your big rig’s engine, you do not have enough coolant left in the engine to properly reduce the temperature. Constant overheating is often a sign of an engine coolant leak, even if you cannot see coolant underneath your rig. Flushing the cooling system and pressure-testing it will allow us to find any cooling system leaks.

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