Five Tips to Keep Your RV Cool This Summer

Summer vacation is going to look a little different this year with COVID-19 precautions still in effect in some areas. If you and your family are healthy, and we here at Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair hope that you are, dust off the RV and take a road trip. This prevents you from traveling with other people who might be sick, just make sure to check the campgrounds before you hit the road; some are still closed. Here are five tips to keep the RV cool and everybody happy during your summer vacation trip.

Think Cool at Dawn

Your RV’s roof, walls, and floors absorb heat and make the inside of the RV toasty, so it’s best to turn on your air-conditioner before you need it. If you wait until it’s hot inside, the AC will take much longer and work much harder to cool the indoor air down. Help the AC out with portable USB fans and your RV’s ceiling fan if you have one. This circulates the cold air to reduce the overall indoor temperature.

Shade the Windows

Block direct sunlight, which increases indoor temperatures, with window shades, including a shade for the RV door’s window. This works just as your curtains and shades work to cool your home when the summer sun is beating down on it. Pull the shades and keep them pulled until the sunsets. This will reduce the heat inside your RV, which helps reduce the work the AC and fans must do.

Use the Awnings

If you’re parked in your camping spot and it isn’t windy outside, use the awnings to help shade your RV from the sun. You can extend all of the awnings or just the ones on the side of the RV that is sitting in the sunlight. You can also shade your RV by parking under trees, but be careful. Tree branches can damage your RV, so make sure you have plenty of clearance. Also, don’t leave your awnings unattended.

Manage Airflow

If you and your family are sitting at the table enjoying a competitive board game, close up the rest of the RV and the air vents. In other words, close doors to spaces you aren’t using and the air vents inside those spaces. This concentrates the cold, air-conditioned air into the room in which you are sitting. You can try this at home, too, if your AC struggles to keep the entire house cool.

Service Your RV’s AC

Finally, schedule an annual AC service for your RV. This keeps the air-conditioning unit in like-new condition and helps you avoid expensive repairs. The sooner a problem is discovered the easier it is to fix, which keeps your RV repair bills to a minimum. Maintenance helps technicians find potential problems. Have the vents cleaned, too, to keep allergies at bay and your RV’s indoor air clean and fresh. 

Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair in Eugene, OR, would be happy to help you keep your RV cool this summer. Call us at 541-246-9551 to schedule a service appointment.

Photo by Welcomia from Canva Pro

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