4 Things Truck Drivers Should Watch Out For When Hauling Over Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s bad enough you won’t be spending Thanksgiving with your family; it’s even worse if you get into an accident. Driving over this holiday is tough enough in a passenger vehicle, but for truck drivers who are working over the long weekend, it can feel downright impossible. Excess traffic and crazy drivers make your long-haul more stressful than usual. Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair recommends you keep an eye out for the following four things that make your route dangerous over the long weekend.

1. Disobeying Traffic Laws

Many drivers have only one thing in mind and that is to get where they’re going; to heck with traffic laws. They speed, weave through lanes, and sit behind you in your blind spot because you’re going too slow – in their minds, that is. Courtesy and respect for the traffic laws are thrown out the window over Thanksgiving weekend, so keep an eye out for ruthless drivers.

2. Distracted Driving

Distractions are bad enough every day, but they are often increased over Thanksgiving weekend. The kids whine in the back seat because they’re bored or they’re playing noisy video games. The adults in the front seat are stressed, tired, and often texting or fiddling with vehicle controls, including the driver. Steer clear of people who don’t have their eyes on the road.

3. Drunk Driving

You would think that we could stop talking about drunk driving after all these years but, unfortunately, people still celebrate and then get behind the wheel. If you see anyone driving erratically, move out of their way as far as you can. The National Safety Council reports that 35 percent of vehicle fatalities over Thanksgiving weekend in 2017 were caused by drunk drivers.

4. Inexperienced Driving

Finally, many parents think Thanksgiving weekend is a good time to teach their teens how to drive. After all, they’ll be driving all day to grandmother’s house in some pretty hairy driving situations. This might make sense to them, but inexperienced drivers do not know how to drive around big rigs. Stick to the right and go slower than normal for added safety measures.

Make sure your rig is in the best shape possible, as well, so you can count on the brakes and other safety systems to avoid automobile accidents. Let Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair in Eugene, OR, inspect your rig and service it before your Thanksgiving weekend haul. We’ll do all we can to give you an edge on the congested roads.

Photo by CatLane from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro