4 Common Problems With Buses

People rely on buses to get them where they need to be. Your bus fleet needs to be reliable or you run the risk of losing your contract or business. Worse, you run the risk of an accident and the legal ramifications that go with it. Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair services and repairs buses, and we see the following problems more often than any other with these transportation automobiles.

Battery Trouble

When you think about the amount of power it takes to start and run a mid-sized or large vehicle, it’s no wonder the battery can cause problems. Battery troubles common in buses include charging issues, parasitic loads (electrical drains on the batteries from somewhere in the buses), and excessive vibration. The first two can sap the battery of its juice and vibration can knock the battery unit out of its resting place in the engine.

Brake Trouble

Brake trouble in a bus spells danger for your driver and his or her passengers. Buses use air-brake systems just as semi-trucks do. Although air-brake systems are designed to be fail-safe, a blocked air dryer cartridge or braking system leak can spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Buses also suffer from broken compressor inlet pipes. These brake system issues are also found in semi-trucks, and these issues can cause catastrophic accidents.

Diesel Trouble

Although you see electric buses more and more on the roads to save the environment, older buses run on diesel engines because diesel engines can better handle heavy weights. Common problems with diesel engines include black emissions that indicate exhaust problems and oil oxidation, which means air has gotten into the motor oil. Some diesel engines also have problems with humid weather, and it can get pretty wet sometimes in Eugene, OR.

Tire Trouble

Finally, buses are heavy and need preventative tire maintenance just as semi-trucks do. This is especially important for touring buses that go long distances. You’ve seen the bus accidents on the news and how devastating they can be for the passengers, drivers, and bus companies. Blown tires can cause these accidents. Avoid this by ensuring the tires on all of your buses are maintained properly to prevent tread wear, the most common problem with large vehicle tires.

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Image by Freedommail from Pixabay