10 Winter-Weather Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Winter is approaching fast and you know that this makes your route more hazardous, especially if you drive in the northern part of the country. Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair can help keep your rig road-ready with service and repair. You can help keep yourself safe with the following winter driving tips.

Go Slow

Speed causes automobile accidents so slow down and keep your speed appropriate for the road conditions. Driving slower keeps your wheels on the road and gives you time to react to other drivers.

Allow Extra Space

Allow yourself extra space between vehicles, too. Stay far back from the vehicle in front of you and keep to slow lanes to avoid tailgaters. You need time and extra stopping space to react on slick winter roads.

Don’t React Suddenly

Don’t make any sudden moves if you can. By driving slower and keeping back, you can avoid sudden braking or avoidance maneuvers. Don’t accelerate suddenly, either, to avoid hydroplaning.

Watch Tire Spray

Tire spray says a lot about the road you are driving on. The more spray coming off of other vehicles’ tires the wetter the road; icier roads tend to produce less tire spray. Pay attention to tire spray.

Use Your Headlights

Even if you’re driving in the middle of the day, dark skies can make it harder for people to see you. Turn on your headlights when driving in winter storms, even if they’re minor ones, to ensure you’re spotted.

Evade to Avoid

Some of the tips above are designed to prevent you from losing control of your rig due to sudden actions. Be evasive. Drive slow so you don’t have to brake hard. Decelerate instead of braking.

Pull Over in Severe Weather

If the weather is severe, pull over and wait it out. Know the limits of your rig and the load you are hauling and don’t take chances. If you fear you’ll lose control in the weather, pull over and stop.

Prepare for the Stops

Make sure to stock your cab with water and non-perishable food, warm clothing, and a warm blanket in the event you do get stuck in a storm. Have a flashlight, shovel, sandbags, and other supplies, as well.

Be Overly Cautious

Check once, twice, and even three times in foggy, rainy, or whiteout conditions. Don’t proceed through a traffic signal, change lanes, or take other action without knowing for sure there is no oncoming traffic.

Inspect Your Vehicle Thoroughly

Finally, make sure to inspect your rig thoroughly before and during your route. Have professional mechanics inspect it as well because servicing the rig will ensure its safety in winter conditions.

Midlane Truck & Trailer Repair can inspect and service your rig. We’ll make sure it’s ready for your winter routes before you leave. Call our Eugene, OR, shop today to schedule an appointment.

Photo by Romanbabakin from Canva Pro